Bucks for Bucs Update

The date for the next meeting is Monday, March 2 at 7 pm in the High School Community Room.

Donor Committee
The donor group has been in contact with nearly all of the donors who have given in the past and we are lining up those contributions for scholarships this year. We are also looking for new donors to make contributions to our fund for the general Bucks for Bucs Foundation Scholarships. If you know of any individuals or organizations who may be interested, please contact bucksforbucs@gmail.com.

Scholarship Application Committee
The scholarship application committee has been working on the application form for this year, and it is now posted (for the general foundation scholarships) at our website www.bucksforbucs.org. We are currently trying to streamline the process for the private scholarships and will be announcing the availability of those applications as soon as possible.

Communications Committee
The www.bucksforbucs.org website is up and running with more information. You can register for the race on-line and download the scholarship application. Check it out! We have transitioned away from the page that existed on the school district website, but we are still working with the district to post some information on the district’s on-line calendar and news sections. Also, look for the Bucks for Bucs article in the forthcoming School District Newsletter.

Fundraising Committee
We need your help for upcoming events! If you can assist with any of the following, please emailbucksforbuc@gmail.com and we will line you up with the right person.

***We need volunteers to assist in setting up for the 5k race on March 27 and on the day of the race itself March 28. (High school students who need community service hours should talk to Mr. Gavazzi.)
***We need donations of food for the race such as fruit, sandwiches and drinks. 
***We are seeking donations of gift baskets to be raffled off at the Race and Sports Camp in June. This is a donation that can be made by an individual or a group of individuals, and is also a great way for a business to advertise at a local community event.
***Spirit Wear samples have been ordered for display at upcoming community events and the order forms will be available soon. We need volunteers to help sell the Spirit Wear and/or prepare the orders for pick-up.

Remember, you can register for the race on-line at http://www.active.com/…/bucks-for-bucs-5k-race-and-fun-walk… or go to www.bucksforbucs.organd download and print the registration form.

Please spread the word that our organization has been revitalized and we are looking for people who want to help keep Bucks for Bucs going strong for our kids. Not only do we fund scholarships, but we plan events that kids really enjoy like the Race and the Sports Camp, bringing us closer together as a community.

We would appreciate any amount of time you are willing to donate to the organization! Please share with anyone who might be interested.